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CultureThe ProfileJune 12, 2024
The greater the love, the greater the tragedy.
Research & ScienceData is PluralJune 12, 2024
Interest group positions, state tax revenues, NYC shelter exits, English women’s football, and Sudoku solves.
Economics & FinanceNoahpinion – Noah SmithJune 12, 2024
Europe's Greens; jobs and the Great Replacement; tariffs and development; rent control; service costs
Art & ArtistsTarantula: Authors and ArtJune 12, 2024
A conversation with Tarantula: Authors And Art's Inspiration for June , Gözde Ju
CultureNight WaterJune 12, 2024
And more questions from the Night Water mailbag
HmmThe MeltJune 11, 2024
Chuck, baby, chuck
TechnologyThe Convivial SocietyJune 11, 2024
The Convivial Society: Vol. 5, No. 8
CultureCafe AnneJune 10, 2024
Plus! Conversation Styles Poll!! Weird Trash Heap #27!!!
Research & ScienceJatan’s SpaceJune 10, 2024
I’m truly excited to welcome Astrolab as the latest yearly sponsor of my Moon Monday blog+newsletter! 🚀California-based Venturi Astrolab Inc. (Astrolab) is developing a fleet of large multi-purpose rovers for advanced exploration…
Research & ScienceThe PreparedJune 10, 2024
On the warehousy — and not-so-warehousy — aspects of modern library management.
HmmFeasts & Fables – Field notes for curious mindsJune 9, 2024
W E L C O M E   And the best way to know who we are is often to find out how others see us. Paulo Coelho We love…
PhotographyContact SheetJune 9, 2024
The Contact Sheet / June 09, 2024Artists & Explorers  This one is a longer one, but I think it's worth it. Put the coffee on, find a place to settle in,…
Poets & WritersOrbital OperationsJune 9, 2024
<!--This Is The Water :root { color-scheme: light; supported-color-schemes: light; } body { margin: 0; padding: 0; min-width: 100%!important; -ms-text-size-adjust: 100% !important; -webkit-transform: scale(1) !important; -webkit-text-size-adjust: 100% !important; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased…
HmmUniversity of Winds by Mita WilliamsJune 8, 2024
UofWinds 387, Week 23 2024: How America Bought Ireland, The Republican Party has belonged to Trump for a long time, Franklin's Earthworm Theory of Social Change Good morning. It is…
HistoryEleanor’s IcebergJune 8, 2024
Reflections on bullet journal spreads that seem silly at first glance
Poets & WritersElectric SpeedJune 8, 2024
​ In the entirety of my career, I’m not sure I’ve ever observed the level of anxiety and fear that now surrounds AI among writers. So I spend considerable time…
Poets & WritersThe Maven GameJune 8, 2024
Getting started is the hard part. When I sit down to work, I'm uncomfortable. Itchy, antsy, easily distracted. I know why, too. For some reason, I'm convinced I need to…
PersonalAllison Marie ConwayJune 7, 2024
+ never regrets the peace.
HmmThe More To That NewsletterJune 5, 2024
Hey friends, I’ve been working on a big writing project over the last 3 months. I’ve cleared out my calendar, blocked off my weekday mornings, and dedicated almost all my…
Poets & WritersRobin’s newslettersJune 3, 2024
Distinguished interlocutors; audiobook production. Read here.
Economics & FinanceBits about MoneyMay 24, 2024
Ever transferred assets between brokerages? Impressive, terrifying machinations happened in the background. No cats were harmed.
PersonalShangrilogsMay 19, 2024
Time for the shift.
TechnologyImport AIApril 29, 2024
Import AI publishes first on Substack – subscribe here. Chinese researchers build a hard benchmark for multimodal understanding:…Visual LLMs still struggle with localization and complex visual reasoning…Chinese researchers have introduced MMT-Bench,…
Poets & WritersShady Characters – The secret life of punctuationMarch 10, 2024
I’m still pinching myself, but recently I had the distinct pleasure on appearing on Clear and Vivid podcast, hosted by the great Alan Alda. I knew of Alan’s work as…
Art & ArtistsLucy Bellwood’s BottleshipMarch 7, 2024
Hey, everyone— It's spring and I haven't sent a newsletter in forever so I'm going to do my best to keep this brief. Narcissus is a good smell. Three tidbits…
Nature & EnvironmentFrugal Chariot by Nicie PanettaMarch 4, 2024
Dear Reader, I have been quiet for some months now, as I have worked through the transition from my prior role with The Trustees of Reservations. By definition it has…
Poets & WritersPome by Matthew OgleDecember 2, 2023
Poem I’m in the house. It’s nice out: warm sun on cold snow. First day of spring or last of winter. My legs run down the stairs and out the…
TravelsWeightshiftingOctober 10, 2023
Day 27: Oct 6, 2023 Bishop, CA → San Francisco, CA 
Miles: 250 — As I drift off to sleep, I smell fire. I drowsily brush this off, equating it…
Art & ArtistsSnakes & LaddersAugust 16, 2023
Friends, I love making this newsletter but I can’t manage it right now — I am hitting the pause button, possibly for a long while. However, I still will be…
TechnologyPlaty’s Web ExcursionsFebruary 23, 2023
This newsletter was started ~2 yrs ago for trying out Substack and practicing my vim skill. Now that I’ve become familiar with both it’s time to save myself from the…
Art & ArtistsJarrett Fuller’s Monthly DispatchFebruary 17, 2023
There’s been a lot going on around here the last few weeks. The weather has turned, giving us a preview of spring so I’ve been spending the weekends outside prepping…
HistoryWrath Of GnonFebruary 14, 2023
Reader beware: my first fiction
HmmThe Small BowNovember 22, 2022
The Van Rides to Somewhere Else li { text-indent: -1em; } body, .section-text-area, .section-text-area-wrapper, .section-text-cell { overflow-wrap: break-word; word-wrap: break-word; -ms-word-break: break-all; word-break: break-word; } body { width: 100% !important;…
HmmLife Is So Beautiful – Don’t be afraid.October 24, 2022
Hey y’all! Thirteen years ago today (the 24th), despite all evidence to the contrary, Renee decided it would be a good idea to marry me. I was making virtually no…
Art & ArtistsDrawing Links by Edith ZimmermanAugust 8, 2022
HmmTuesday Triage newsletterJune 13, 2022
Your weekly crème de la crème of the Internet is here! 14.06.2022 (read in browser) IntroWhatever is on my mind this week. Things I enjoyed readingTen-ish articles I found worth…
PhotographyNoah KalinaMay 9, 2022
96 Newsletter #130 - Eagle Observation Area NOAH KALINA #130 <!-- --> The Bald Eagle is the official bird of the United States. The reason why the Bald Eagle is…
Technology8 bit newsMarch 1, 2019
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Art & ArtistsNono’s SketchesMarch 1, 2019
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CultureDense DiscoveryJanuary 1, 1970
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