What’s this?

Well hey there. It’s good to see you 👋

So what’s this about? Long story short:

I’m the proprietor behind Blogroll.org where…

“I uncover gems [of personal blogs] lost inside bloated search engines and silos of algorithmic societies that prefer you stay within.”


“As a professional wanderer I love roaming the world wide web freely, diving into rabbit holes of hyperlink after hyperlink. Blogroll.org is a way of sharing these explorations with you and giving back to the web.”

I’m also constantly stumbling upon cool and interesting personal/independent newsletters and I want to share these with you too.

There you have it. Consider Indie Newsletters a dear sibling of Blogroll.org. I hope you enjoy the letters of my wanderings.

P.S. I recommend signing up for my every-other-sunday indie “New Letters” dispatch highlighting new additions to the roll that just might tickle your fancy.

Oh, me?

I’m a long time online-geek hailing from the old days of electronic bulletin board systems (BBSes), online services and email discussion lists. It’s where my enduring love for online communities and publishing began.

My being born deaf might be why I glommed the online world from the very beginning because I could finally hear everyone through their written words.

I’m a professional wanderer in real life too, roaming the continent in my tiny camper. It’s something I’ve been doing for a few years now — much to my surprise it’s become another enduring love of mine (you can read a bit about my travels on my personal blog at AlongtheRay.com).